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There was once a man, a manly man. His name was Nik. He enjoyed the likes of Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, many British men. But more than that, he also watched a lot of tv and movies. He got in deep. Fandom-level deep. He's more than a fanboy, too, he's a poly transdude with an impatience for stupidity and massive insecurities (he's working in it). He's a rogue young man beating his own path through brambles and enjoying the blackberries and the view.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how empowering Hayao Miyazaki is?

Nearly all of his work, except for a few lesser known things (Porco Rosso and early television work), are centered around strong young women who make the world fit to them. They find themselves, they overcome insurmountable odds, and they are never deterred from remaining who they are as people.
Princess Nausicaä, 1985 — a young princess and warrior who nearly dies to prevent unnecessary war and guides the reconnection with nature and peace.
Sheeta, 1986 — a young girl who must embrace the truth of her past and heritage and fight to take control of what’s hers to prevent others from twisting it to their will.
Mei & Satsuki, 1988 — two sisters who deal with the ailing health and resulting absence of their mother.
Kiki, 1989 — a young witch must take a year away from her family to establish herself as a real witch and accept herself for her skills and faults
Chihiro, 2001 — a young girl embraces an entirely foreign world to  save her parents, changing it entirely in the process
Sofi, 2004 — an insecure girl must embrace a strange, confusing other world to cure a curse placed upon her, and because more confident and wise in the process.
Maker’s mark: characters shown were chosen because they were the main character. Gifs are not mine.
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